Thursday, July 23, 2015

Update Week 5 House Is Framed!

I had not realized its been almost a month since my last post. Not so great at this blogging thing. 

We left for Florida on the 13th, but before we left we went by the lot the night before. Not much had changed, was still a basement. Came back on the 16th and the whole house was framed and roofed! Amazing how quick that went up. We've had a nice break and had sunny weather for a couple weeks so I'm sure that helped. It was amazing driving up and seeing it there! Took lots of pictures. Got to see the blueprints again. They had left them in the house. Today is the 23rd. We have our drywall meeting the 28th. Oh also we met with our Guardian guy the other night to go over our speaker placements and such. We moved our internet router to another room. He spray painted where the speakers should go in ceiling. Where all the cable mounts and such will go. So that is all done. Looking forward to next week.


haha my MIL

walking into our house

from kitchen into living room

looking into kitchen

morning room

I see you puppy!