Friday, September 11, 2015

House is finished, Closing!

Well, we walked through the house one more time, but it is done! They just have to add asphalt to the driveway still. We close on Monday the 14th at 3pm. Our settlement walkthrough is that day as well in the morning. We have everything already set up, so many deliveries going on that week. Going to be great, but exhausting! We are so excited to get out of temporary housing and into our new home! I only have pictures from my phone, forgot my big camera, so these will have to do. Will update in a week or two!

Monday, August 31, 2015

2 Weeks Left

We've been informed that we will close on September 14th. We will do the walkthrough the same day early, then close at 3. How surreal! We stopped in last night, they had some temporary electric going on, so we were able to turn on all the lights. It is starting to come together. Oh and we also have all of the outside siding and stone done! It really looks great. I'm glad with the choices we made.

A lot has happened..

espresso cabinets

she's wishing there was carpet under her!

all our appliances

messy from tile work

always measuring 

she's ready for her backyard

master bath

Sunday, August 16, 2015

About 9 Weeks In

Today is Sunday the 16th. We stopped by the house this morning. No work being done but it is locked up now, so our SR let us in. Since our last update, it is all drywalled! And they have painted everything. Not sure if its one or two coats. It is a little yellow based, which we like more than that stark white. We are going to paint before our 10 month, but not sure yet what rooms and such. Our PM said they will get to cabinets this week. They also have the scaffolding up and out, looks like its ready for siding as well.

Oh also for anyone building a Venice, they have taken out that bulkhead in the living room in the plan now. It is now one big open space. Looks SO much better! I have a picture of it down below too.



haha.. Our favorite sports teams : )

this is our view from our front door

back left corner of yard

haha breaking in since its locked


8/16/15 Painted

fyi new venice plans have taken out that bulkhead in the living room, it used to be in the upper left corner here. yay!!!
this is our model home, you can see that huge bulkhead on the upper left

out patio door