Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Flooring Selections

We had our Rite Rug meeting in Bridgeville Monday. Well... That was a shocker!!! 12k later but at least we have floors! Haha. We splurged in the living room for nice carpet and nice pad. We did engineered hardwood on the main level morning room, kitchen, living room and bathroom. We did a custom change order for tile in the foyer and mudroom. Upgraded tile in both bathrooms upstairs. Level 2 carpet and pad upstairs throughout. We did manage to stick to vinyl for the laundry room to cheapen up haha! We also stuck to a laminate counter top for now. We will install quartz or similar after closing.

Espresso Cabinets
Rural Living Hickory Misty Gray hardwood floors
Antique Linen for foyer & mudroom 12x12 Tile
Rail stain Midnight Black
Family Room Carpet Kingsley Point Straw Flower

I hope it all comes together beautifully!

Espresso cabinets, Laminate counter top, Living room carpet,
hardwood floor

Master bathroom tile and accent piece

Laundry room vinyl

Top- Foyer tile
Middle-Rail stain
Bottom-Upstairs carpet

Guardian And Exterior Colors

Just a quick update. We had our Guardian meeting Friday with Eddie. He was fantastic! We were kind of dreading this meeting worried we would be pressured. But we felt absolutely none. So we added cable hookups to several rooms. A media HDMI setup to the living room, and in ceiling speakers for surround. I think thats it! Not to hard!

I also picked out our colors for the homes exterior. Loren (our sales rep) did tell me I would have to pick around 2 neighbors and their colors.. So bummer initially. But I did end up liking what we picked. Its so hard to tell with those tiny swatches. Loren did say they are working to finish up a computer system to be able to visualize all the color options. 

 Not sure if I mentioned it earlier on, but we have an Elevation K Venice. So it is a cottage style which we are very excited about. Gives it a little different look! I love the stone that it will have up front. We selected Bucks County Ledgstone for the stone. Silver Mist for the siding. Pebble Clay for the accent shake. Black shutters and a black door. 

Lot 530 Our Sold Sticker!

Bucks County Ledgestone

Some Pictures

Haha I'm excited for this!

A few pictures of the model home

Upstairs Laundry. It sold me on the model!